Use crowdfunding to validate your market.

  • "Should we build an Android app?" — Robin, software engineer
  • "Would you like to buy this product?" — Taylor, web comic artist
  • "Should our online store accept Bitcoin?" — Jessie, online retailer
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Gauging the market size for a hypothetical new product is hard. Running a poll or doing informal research can easily lead to false positives — thus wasted time and effort. We built a service called Backer to solve this problem.

People have already used Backer to fund anything from building an Android app to printing a limited edition poster for their web comic. What would you like to fund?

Backer in Action
Backer Features
  • You don't have to integrate APIs to use Backer.
  • You can choose to accept payment via credit cards, Bitcoin, or both.
  • We handle the entire process on a turn-key basis. If the project is successful, sends the money to the project owner. If the project is not successful, the project owner has no further obligation or work to do.
  • Successful open source Backer projects are not charged a fee. Successful proprietary Backer projects will be charged a 5% fee. Unsuccessful Backer campaigns incur no fees.
  • Backer passes through any credit card processing fees incurred. Bitcoin transactions are processed free of charge.
  • In other words, successful open source Backer projects will receive 100% of committed Bitcoin funds.
  • We'll keep you in good company. Projects will be vetted to ensure your Backer project runs alongside other high-quality, legitimate projects.
  • staff will help out developers launching a new Backer by offering tips about best practices, setting up the project description, as well as help with marketing and awareness.

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